Sacramento Picks It Up!
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Location: Various

Sacramento Picks it Up posts their clean up dates, times and places on their Facebook page:


SAFETY FIRST!  We always recommend good quality gloves and use of a trash picker, plus sturdy shoes.  Terrain may be uneven, wet or muddy.  Long-sleeves and long pants are advised. If you are on Facebook, you can also check out the GUIDES tab for various helpful tips on gear, safety protocols and 311 requests etc.


Events have a Difficulty Level assigned to them so you can choose the type of event that is best for your physical abilities and interest level. Difficulty levels are Level 1 (easy, flat terrain); Level 2 (mostly easy terrain); Level 3 (moderate terrain, “off-road” natural areas, some heavy items); Level 4 (difficult terrain, heavy items); Level 5 (very difficult terrain, mostly heavy items). 


All events are BYOB (buckets) & G (gloves and grabbers)!  Please also bring your own (reusable) water bottles and snacks.   We have extra supplies to loan out if anyone needs anything.   Prior to participating in any event, we encourage you to stretch, hydrate and make sure you are properly fueled. 


… and thank you for volunteering to clean up our city and its waterways. 

Participation in any of these events is at your own risk. If you participate in any group events promoted by Sacramento Picks It Up!, you agree to hold harmless any organizer, person, and/or organization involved.  

If you know of others who would like to be put on this email list or have any questions, please shoot us an email at