HISP Council


C. K. McClatchy High School’s HISP Council serves as a forum for parents, teachers, and students to promote the program, exchange ideas, and allocate money raised through contributions.


All parents/guardians of students enrolled in HISP are members of the HISP Council and are welcome at HISP Board meetings.

Get Involved


HISP relies on a strong partnership with parents. Through donating, volunteering, and advocacy, parents provide the support that enables HISP to continue its tradition of offering a rich and rigorous public education.


HISP parents form a highly skilled, dedicated corps of volunteers who contribute countless hours in support of students, teachers, and the HISP coordinator. Volunteer opportunities include:

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Direct Donation

Through Direct Donation, HISP parents provide the financial means to offer educational enrichment to students and support to teachers. 

It’s easy to contribute to HISP using our Direct Donation form, or scroll down for PayPal!

 Using the Direct Donation Form:

Community Service & Humanities Events


Community Service

The Importance of Community Service

Community service provides HISP students with opportunities to learn and grow through helping others. Serving one’s community fosters a sense of civic responsibility while expanding a student’s perspective about people and place. Through community service, students: