Community Service/ Humanities Events

Community Service & Humanities Events


Community Service

The Importance of Community Service

Community service provides HISP students with opportunities to learn and grow through helping others. Serving one’s community fosters a sense of civic responsibility while expanding a student’s perspective about people and place. Through community service, students:

  • Learn new skills.
  • Build confidence.
  • Develop compassion for others.
  • Relate what they learn in school to the real world.
  • Make the world a better place.

Community Service Requirements

HISP students are required to perform five hours of service each academic quarter. You may complete 10 hours during the summer and use these for fall semester.  See Community Service Opportunities for a listing of HISP-approved activities or check the HISP bulletin board for postings. Community service must be done through a public organization (non-profit), which would include school fairs and festivals and science competition judging, community fundraisers, park clean-ups, and organizations that help the homeless, for example. Volunteering at private athletic clubs does not count. If you are unsure if a particular event or activity qualifies as community service, check with your HISP social science teacher. Document your community service using the Community Service Report Form found on the “Forms” link on this page.  Take it with you for signature when you are volunteering! 

Community Service Report Forms must be submitted to your social science teacher by the end of each quarter.

Summer Community Service

During the summer, students may earn up to 10 service hours and apply those hours to the fall semester (first two quarters of the school year).

Humanities Events

All HISP students are required to attend three humanities events each quarter and to present their experience in their literature class. The following are some guidelines for what constitutes a humanities event (for our purposes) and some suggestions for what you should include in the presentation. Please direct any questions to your literature teacher. 

Purpose of Attending Humanities Events 

Attending Humanities Events exposes a person to the arts and to a variety of artistic expression. Education cannot happen just at school–it must go beyond the walls of the classroom. Watching a play being performed is quite a different experience than reading a play from a book. We want each student to broaden their horizons and to take advantage of what the humanities have to offer. We hope that each student will try a number of different experiences and gain an important glimpse into life beyond McClatchy.

What Is a Humanities Event?

When considering what counts as a Humanities Event and what doesn’t, the emphasis should be on three quality events which are connected to the Humanities, live, and which occur outside of what you do as a part of school. The humanities can be defined as the study of the human experience.  It includes such areas as: Literature, Poetry, Art, Photography, Theatre, Music, Dance, Film, Language, Philosophy, Religion, History, Archeology, and Politics.  A Humanities Event must be an official experience of the humanities.  For example:

  • Performances of music, dance, drama, poetry recitation, and the like.  
  • McClatchy performances (plays, musicals, concerts) are worth TWO events!  We want to support the arts at CKM.
  • Visits to art galleries, museums, or historical places with guided tours 
  • Sanctioned activities of the HISP Council (parents’ group)–we will provide you with as many options as we hear about throughout the year.
  • Lectures which deal with the humanities (outside of school–not our classes), either 
  • Church services/religious functions which are NOT part of your family’s regular religious activities 

What Is NOT a Humanities Event?

  • Movies or TV shows pertaining to the arts.
  • Listening to recorded music.
  • Street musicians, musicians playing at a shopping mall, etc.
  • Restaurants with ethnic food, music, and/or artwork displayed; or shopping mall arts and crafts shows.
  • McClatchy Club Events (unless special arrangements are made) or events during the school day, including field trips.
  • Zoos or aquariums.
  • Sporting events, even if in a different country.

Proof of Attendance

You will be required to fill out the Humanities Event Proof of Attendance form.  This form will require you to include the name and date of each event you “attended,” and will have a place for a parent or guardian signature to verify.

How will the Humanities Events be Graded?

The Humanities Events will be graded as follows: 70% of your grade will be based on the presentation, and 30% based on proof of attendance.  Your teacher will discuss details of how the presentation will be graded. 

Due Dates

Typically, Proof of Attendance forms are due one week before the end of the quarter (to give your teacher time to grade). Your teacher will give you an exact date towards the end of each quarter.  Your teacher will also work with you to create a schedule of presentations.

Summer Events 

You may write about events that you attended during the summer for the first and second quarters. Third and fourth quarter events must be completed during the actual dates of the Spring Semester (February – June).

What Do I Need to Present About?

Your Literature teacher will go over details in class regarding the format and content of the presentations. In general, the goal of these presentations is to increase awareness of the variety of humanities in the world around us, to share our unique experiences with the humanities, and to inspire each other to become more involved in the humanities outside of school.

Camellia Symphony Orchestra: Beauty & Virtuosity
Saturday, September 23rd


The Camellia Symphony Orchestra’s opening concert of the new season will be performing in our own McClatchy High School Auditorium Saturday, September 23rd at 7:30pm. Parker van Ostrand (McClatchy graduating class of 2021) will be performing on the piano.

For more information and for tickets click on the following link:

Matsuyama Elementary Harvest Festival
Friday, October 13th


Matsuyama Elementary is hosting their annual Harvest Festival and are looking for volunteers who are in need of fulfilling their required volunteer hours for school!  Volunteers are needed for the event Friday, October 13, 2023 from 3:30pm - 7:30pm.  The task at hand would be helping their teachers with their booths: snow cone machine, popcorn machine, games, arts and crafts, etc. They will also need help with their cake walk and other miscellaneous places. There will also be food trucks out front if you want to purchase any food or snacks!

Henry Michalski Speaks on His Book Torn Lilacs
Tuesday, October 3rd


Join award-winning author, Henry Michalski, as he talks about his parents’ love story and ten-year fight for survival against overwhelming odds during World War II in Nazi-occupied Europe and Stalin’s Siberian gulags. Tuesday, October 3, 4:00pm at the KOH Library and Cultural Center. See attached flyer for more details and RSVP with the following link:

Trash Dash at McKinley Park
Saturday, September 23rd


Come out for the monthly Trash Dash at McKinley Park. This is a very family friendly event, and also a great opportunity for any local students to get community service credits. We’ll have Parks donated trash grabbers and garbage bags, and a dumpster to fill up. Come out, meet some new friends and make our park shiny. Our group will be out there from 10 am until noon, meeting up by the duck pond. Click on think for more information:

William Land Elementary Fall Carnival
Friday, October 13th


William Land Elementary need student volunteers for their Fall Carnival on Friday, October 13th. Volunteers are needed to help in the food booth, prize booths, with games, etc. See the attached flyer for details. All proceeds go to the kids via arts and science integration units, and other educational programs. Below is a link to a sign up genius for slots in the time frame between 4:00pm – 9:30pm:

Sutterville Elementary’s Fall Festival
Friday, October 27th


Sutterville Elementary will be holding their annual Fall Festival on Friday, October 27th and are looking for student volunteers to help. Volunteers are needed to help set up, clean up, and throughout the festival. Time slots are available from 4:00pm - 9:30pm. If interested, sign up via Google Form using this link:

Summer Concert Series
Fun humanities events and free!


Carmichael Park hosts 11 concerts–check them out.  

Saturdays 6:30-8:30pm

Picnics, blankets and lawn chars are welcome at all concerts!

June 24:  Jax Hammer (rock/blues)

July 4: Fast Times (70s, 80s, 90s rock) at La Sierra Community Center

July 8: Dave Terry All Star Band (classic hits)

July 15: Wasted Space (rock)

July 22: Maya Latin Tribute Band (Latin)

July 29: Hipper than Hip (rock)

August 5: Todd Morgan & the Emblems (classic rock)

4-H summer camp volunteers needed!


 4-H is running a day camp program at River Bend Park  June 19th through June 23rd, and need some teen counselors. 

Counselors will need to attend planning and training meetings before camp, and will help to organize and lead activities during the camp weekend.

Any students who are interested or who have questions should contact Michelle Ross, our Program Coordinator, either by calling her at 916-875-6530 or by e-mailing her at

Summer at Sacramento Food Bank!
Summer hours available to use fall semester


Volunteers are invited to help sort, bag & box fresh produce and non-perishable items. Each day and shift are different depending on what the current need is at that time. Volunteers ages 10-15 must always be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Anyone under the age of 18 must have the volunteer waiver signed by a parent or guardian. These forms are available onsite.



Food Bank Campus

1951 Bell Ave.

Sacramento, CA 95838