Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events


Back to School Orientation

At the end of every August before the start of the school year, CKM holds it traditional Back-to-School Orientation sessions. At each grade-level session, students pick up their HISP class schedules, select lockers, and—if needed—purchase gym clothes. At the freshmen orientation session, incoming HISP ninth grade students attend a HISP briefing and pick up their HISP class schedules. Typically, a BBQ for all CKM freshmen follows in the lunch quad.

Meet the HISP Teachers Night

In September, HISP parents are invited to learn more about the expectations of the program and meet the teachers assigned to each grade-level HISP team.

Back-to-School Night

Parents are encouraged to attend this October event to meet teachers, learn more about CKM’s academic programs, and visit HISP teachers in their classrooms. Parents move from class to class according to their student’s class schedule.

College Night

In the fall, parents won’t want to miss this free, HISP-sponsored presentation designed to de-mystify the college application and acceptance processes. Discover tips on how to select the college best suited for your student.

Financial Aid Night

In the fall, parents receive a free, HISP-sponsored guided tour through the college financial aid process. Hear a financial aid professional discuss college applications, FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), work/study, grants, and scholarships.

Open House

This spring event offers parents an opportunity to view their HISP student’s best work and check in with teachers on student progress.

HISP Council Meetings

The HISP Council is governed by the HISP board. The board meets at 6:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month during the school year in the HISP Office (Room 205 B) at C. K. McClatchy High School. All parents are welcome to attend.

Field Trips

HISP students enjoy field trips throughout the year to nearby destinations. Students may travel to San Francisco to see a play or to the nearby Mondavi Center to experience a musical performance. 

Guest Lecturers

Throughout the year, HISP hosts writers, political figures, religious leaders, and artists to speak with students about their work and share their perspectives on local, state, national, and international issues.


This May event brings together the entire HISP family to celebrate the year’s accomplishments and honor graduating HISP seniors.

High School and College Planning

CKM’s Counseling Office offers students targeted sessions based on class year. Students learn about high school graduation requirements and receive advice on preparing for college. A tour of the Counseling Office is included.

College Application Help Sessions

Seniors are invited to work on their college applications with guidance from school counselors. The College/Career Center is staffed after school hours to enable students to use school computers to complete applications.

College Recruiters Visit CKM

Each year, CKM hosts recruiters from colleges and universities who meet with prospective students during the school day. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these on-campus meetings with administrators and alumni from over 40 colleges and universities, many representing some of the top institutions of higher learning in the country. Students must sign up in the College/Career Center in Room 30 to reserve a meeting appointment with each specific college or university representative.

Student Activities at CKM

Students have a wide variety of activities to choose from at CKM—dances, sports, Homecoming, travel abroad, class fundraising events, to name a few. Club Rush—an exposition-style setting where students can learn more about CKM clubs and sign up if interested—traditionally takes place the third week of school during lunch in the lunch quad.